All Natural and Organic Lawn Fertilization

The Difference

 Today, the majority of your lawn and landscape fertilization uses traditional chemicals. Being good stewarts of the Earth, we are offering a fertilization program that uses all natural and organic products. Safe for kids and pets and no worry about waterway contamination. 

Why Ozark Natural Soils and Additives?

 At Ozark Natural Soils and Additives, we have been involved in the "green" growing industry for some time. All of our products use nature's products, engineered and designed to promote healthy growth and harvests without the use of harsh chemicals. Why not continue this tradition into lawns - plants right? 

How it Works

 We use liquid natural and organic fertilizers, many of the ingredients approved by OMRI, in multiple applications of your yard. Of course , we will provide a lawn analysis to determine the best needs for your lawn.  


 We would be very happy to meet with you and do a comprehensive plan for your all natural - organic lawn /landscape fertilization program. Please use the contact form to set up an appointment or call the number below. Let's stay green! 


Below you will find some recent information regarding chemical usage on lawns both on public and private lands. It's time to start doing something and we can help!