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Thanks for stopping by ! . We hope our web site shows how we may be able to serve you by being your supplier of choice for organic soil mix and organic soil amendments.. We have dedicated over a decade in the organic and natural growing market. This is our passion! The prices shown on this site are retail prices. We have excellent distributor and commercial pricing along with great break point incentives. 

We look forward to getting to know you. We are a simple family operation with simple  ways and simple values. Nope no psychedelic packaging here. Presentable and simple. Our packaging is designed to treat the EARTH well as it is bio -degradable. From our family to yours , we hope you have a blessed and great day.

EMAIL OR CALL US TODAY at wetches@ozarksoils.com or 479-670-9543.

We are constantly running our trucks / delivery throughout Arkansas , Texas and Oklahoma so we got you covered.