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Whatever your reason for gardening,  medical or day to day vegetable gardens - we have the right products to grow NATURALLY! 

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Coir/Coco Peat Grow Bags

Ozark Natural Soils and Additives is thrilled to offer our new Coir Coco Peat Grow Bags

Our manufacturing partners provide some of the best products on the planet and have been serving markets throughout Europe. We are excited to launch our grow bags. 

Our Grow bags specifications:

  • Hydrated size 39" x6" x5"
  • PH 5.8 to 6.4
  • Great EC
  • Washed and free of insects
  • Comes with plant openings and drainage holes
  • Decent sources of Nitrogen, potassium , calcium and magnesium. 

Today's price $$$$

$9.99 per bag. Order 3 bags or more - free shipping

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Ozark Natural soils and Additives has grown in products to meet the need of the organic / natural market. We have grown from the supply of great growing mediums to garden supplies and now bring on two new product lines in - Organic Lawn fertilization and Organic / Natural pest and insect control for pets and people. Need to control your back yard from nasty bugs - well -we got you covered. 

Below is our new and expanded product and service offering - all maintining our ORGANIC and NATURAL - no chemical products!

Growing Mediums

Organic Soil amendments / Natural fertilizers

Gardening Supplies and Tools

All Natural Lawn Fertilization

Organic / Natural Insect and Pest Control


We have some great news! We have reorganized our shipping process to allow you to purchase at some of the lowest costs in the Country. 

  1. Ozark Natural  GOGO Plant Juice - 32 oz bottles - FREE SHIPPING
  2. Ozark Seafood Melody and Seafood Melody Plus - Buy 10  lbs or more of any  - FREE SHIPPING
  3. Ozark Sea Salad - order 5lbs or more - FREE SHIPPING
  4. Organic Soils -  for pallet quantities (60 Bags) - FREE SHIPPING
  5. Furniture - FREE SHIPPING

When you consider shipping costs , you will discover we are extremely competitive with some of the BEST products for your organic grows. 

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Growing naturally.....................

We have spent years in formulating soils / growing mediums along with providing excellent natural amendments as alternatives to chemicals to enhance plant growth from medical to commercial plants to day to day garden needs.  We continually search the globe for all natural products that provide superior end results. 

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We love our customers,and enjoy helping you in your growing needs. Have a question or a request for a specific plant - let us know. Not sure what you need - ask us about our professional soil analysis services and we can scientifically tell you!

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